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Silly Buddy is a one-woman, one-dog operation that was born out of girl's best friendship. 

In 2009, I began making bow ties, collars, and leashes by hand for my rescue dog, Buddy. Using the finest fabrics and finishes that I could find, I put every bit as much love into these creations as I put into his belly scratches and cuddles. Buddy loved them. Friends loved them. Everyone at the dog park loved them.

Now I make stylish wears for dogs worldwide from my studio in Chicago, IL. All items in the shop are handmade per order, per dog, by me. With Buddy as my diligent observer and handsome model, I cut, back, and iron the fabric. I sew and install the hardware. The bowties and flower attachments are partially machine-sewn and finished by hand. Then I carefully package and box each item for shipment, top it off with a hand written note, and send it off to lucky dogs living all over the world. Our products are worn for everything from hiking trips to rolls in the mud to strolls down the wedding aisle. It makes me so happy to know that a dog will be wearing something I made with my own hands.  

xo, Hande 

Our Manifesto/Our Dogma

All dogs deserve the best because all they ask is to be loved with all their silliness and love us with all of ours.

Our items are made with the greatest care to detail and with the toughest materials which makes them durable and long lasting. Silly Buddy designs are made using fabrics from lovely designers such as Liberty London, Rifle Paper Co. and prints from talented artists such as Julia Rothman and Leah Duncan.  We offer beautiful and safe hardware choices in Black, Nickel and Brass.  

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